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On our website ( we collect cookie information to be able to optimize your experience on our website, for marketing use, as well as to learn more about how you and other visitors use the site. The information in the statistics is anonymized and cannot be assigned to named users.

We will review below what a cookie is, what types of cookies we use, and an instruction on how you can get rid of cookies.

Ownership and data processing

The data owner of all data collected is Sinners Inc ApS, Randersvej 27 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark, CVR: 35866132, TEL: 25131323

Data Processor on behalf of Sinners Inc ApS are Unoeuro.


Sinners inc ApS

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Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device that has access to our website, and help us with anonymized statistics about your use of the website (statistics cookies), and in a few cases also display enhanced content to you (content cookies). Cookies allows use to recognize your web device and gather information about your behavior on the web, including which pages and features are visited with your browser, and ensure that it works technically. Cookies are a used by virtually all websites today.

Some cookies are already stored on your device and you can freely remove them and block them if you wish. This is done using your web browser. However, the use of the site may be limited if you block the use of cookies.

You accept our cookie terms by using our website, but we do not set cookies for marketing without your prior consent.


Overall, two types of cookies are used: Session cookies and permanent cookies.

There is also a distinction between what purpose the different types of cookies have:

Operationally required cookies

Some cookies or other similar technologies may be required for the operation of our website, services, applications and tools. This includes technologies that give you access to our websites, services, applications, and tools needed to avoid unauthorized use of these services and improve security.

Performance related cookies

Some cookies or other similar technologies are useful for evaluating the results of our websites, applications, services and tools, including as part of our analytical work that helps us understand how our visitors use site or to improve content on the website, services or tools.

Functional cookies

We may use cookies or other similar technologies that allow us to offer you enhanced functionality when using our websites, services, applications or tools. This may include identifying you when you log in to our websites or keeping track of your specified preferences and interests.

Marketing - advertising or targeting

Marketing is about being able to present you with relevant content and can be opted out again if you wish. You do this either by deleting cookies from your browser.

You can always reject cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. If you reject cookies at, you must be aware that there will be functions you can no longer use because they require that the website has your permission to remember the choices you make.

Exactly where you reject cookies depends on the browser you are using.

We may use first-party or third-party cookies and pixel cookies to provide content, including ads relevant to your interests on our websites or on third-party websites. This includes the help of technologies to understand the benefits to you of the advertisements and content provided to you.



You can still use our website, but the use of the website might be limited and the functionality can not be guaranteed.


All Danish websites are obliged to inform about which cookies are deposited on the user's equipment. The information must be in accordance with "Order on information and consent requirements for storing and accessing information in end-user terminal equipment".

The executive order stipulates that an informed consent must be obtained from the user when websites wish to store cookies on the user's IT equipment.

Link to the Order you find HERE (

You are welcome to contact us at if you have further questions about cookies at


Some cookies belong to and Sinners Inc ApS, while others are run via third parties. We always ensure that third-party suppliers meet the requirements of GDPR. Furthermore, third party cookies are subject to their own privacy conditions.

Sinners Inc ApS has a number of partners – ie. media agencies, it system partners, and business partners who help us to run competitions, etc., which use cookies from our website (ei. Facebook and google) - the so-called third party cookies. The purpose of such placement of third-party cookies is generally to market Sinners Inc and our business partners.

For questionnaire surveys, analyzes and the like, cookies are set for the purpose of registering your answer and therefore avoid having the same questionnaire again.

We also use cookies from a number of social media (ie. Facebook and Google) which in some cases can use data for their own purposes, which are out of the control of Sinners Inc ApS. Profiling or linking information that in some cases are used for targeted messages including marketing and the like.


The cookies we place with you are stored in a varied number of months depending on the purpose of the different cookies. Some cookies are so-called "session cookies" - they are only active as long as your browser is open or you are doing a transaction on our site. Other cookies are stored for a long time. Each time you visit our site, the period for the different cookies is extended and they are automatically removed when they expire.


There are multiple and different ways of avoiding or deleting cookies, which varies from the different systems and browsers you access our website from. Each system and browser has its own way of storing cookies, which almost can be find in the settings of the system or browser.


If you wish to file a complaint regarding our cookie policy or the like, please contact us at


Our cookie policy is in line with and refers to our personal data policy (link)